30 min Skype Session – Dmitrius

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30+ Minute Skype Call with Dmitrius! We can discuss anything, barriers are down and all topics open:

I’m an truth seeker, soul searcher, intuitive psychic, and energy healer.  Want to talk or seeking answers? I can lend new perspectives, help guide your healing process, or spit some truth where needed 😉

[ Truth, Health, Lifestyle, Consciousness, Abundance, Growth — Flow, Perception, Mind, Manifestation, Alchemy, Meditations & Energy work  ]

**WARNING!— May change your life..

Unsure?  Contact me for any questions —–   [email protected]



30-45 Minute Skype Call with Dmitrius! We can discuss anything, barriers are down and all topics open:

I’m an intuitive psychic, warrior in consciousness and empath among other labels… My expertise is Energy work, and I can guide you in energy healing or rapid development of extrasensory perception. I can help show you new perspectives, put the pieces together, strategize personal growth, or we can decode the universe Lol;) The opportunities are limitless 🙂

  • Energy work & Expanding perception.
    • Energy Healing, Cleansing Chakras, Blockages
    • Guided Healing and Tips
    • Meditations, Vizualizations, Advanced Techniques
    •  Feeling the Subtle & Understanding The Subtle Bodies
    • Enhancing your senses
  • Expanding Consciousness
    • Truth & Lies
    • Where to start
    • HYPERSPEED expansion of Perspective
  • Mastery of the physical & mental
    •  Health and Nutrition
    • Though Habbits
    • Building Your Light
    • An Unwavering Mentality & Focus
    • The Way of the Immortal
  • Life in the Matrix
    • Getting Through the Tough Times
    • Finances and Online Business
    • Deep insights and Perspectives for you
    • Just someone to talk to 🙂


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