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HIDDEN Teachings of Jesus – The Gospel of Thomas & Hermeticism

The Hidden teachings of JESUS Revealed, ☯️ The Gospel of Thomas Explained with Hermeticism & HIDDEN Esoteric Knowledge Revealed ( in 3 YouTube Videos

7 Hermetic Principles of Mental Alchemy & Manifestation

7 Hermetic Principles - Law of Rhythm and Polarity Applied // The Ancient Art of Mental Alchemy The mastery of Polarization is the mastery of the fundamental principles of Mental Transmutation or Mental Alchemy, for unless one acquires the art of changing his own...

OBEYING THE LAWS OF NATURE OBEYING THE LAWS OF NATURE [userpro template=card user=author] [userpro template=postsbyuser user=author postsbyuser_mode=compact...


AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION = SALVATION 1 💯 THE MISSION OF YOUR SOUL vs. Post-Modern IDIOCRACY Psy-Op AUTHENTIC SOUL EXPRESSION & Finding your Soul's Calling & Meaning in your true life's purpose. (LIVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH...

Yogic Breathing – Sacred Science of Breath & Subtle Breathwork

4 types of breath High breath (collar bone)Mid BreathLow BreathComplete Breath The Yogi COMPLETE BREATH "Whole Body Breathing" (1) The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the...

LAO TZU Quotes – The Profound Wisdom of Lao Tzu and the Dao ( Truth, Allowance, Formlessness, Power & Subtlety, Leadership and Life) 

I was looking for quotes and Ideas on Formlessness when I stumbled on a huge archive of Lao Tzu Quotes.. These profound snippets of wisdom grounded me back in Truth, and realigned my perspective on life. Here's some of My favorite and Best Lao Tzu Quotes I found- On...

“Just because my path is different, doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

— Unknown

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