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RISE OF THE INDIGO – Truth, Lies & Eyes ( Are you an Indigo Warrior? )

TRUTH AND LIES THROUGH THE INDIGO’S EYE. The Indigo (child/adult) is known for their sensitivity (hypersensitivity), emotionality and intuitive knowing. They are frequently misunderstood by others and are often considered aloof or in some way odd and unorthodox in how they see and do things. Indigos are psychic warriors and their vibration is hot and intense indeed. They are here to help purge Gaia and raise the vibration of earth for the coming ascension.

NEW AGE SPIRITUAL BS! – The False Light of New Age Spirituality (Manly P HALL) SPIRITUAL BS! MANLY P HALL on DECEPTIONS AND THE FALSE spiritual DOCTRINES followed by the 'awakened' Herds Worth watching!! So easy to get indoctrinated into the modern narrative.... Truth is Eternal and the Great ancient systems portray...

Woke AF. WALLPAPERS for the Tribe – Spiritual PC Backgrounds DOWNLOAD*

Free Background Wallpapers for ya 🙂      

REAL TELEKINESIS DEMONSTRATION – 100% Proof of Psychic Powers and Psychokinesis

REAL TELEKINESIS and PSYCHOKINESIS. 100% Proof of Psychic Powers and Psychokinesis Open your mind people!! For all the psychic warriors out there, I have full tutorials and some Pyrokinesis on the way! Also, Help us end this mind numbing debate on psychic powers. Of...

ALL IS LAW – Gnosis of All #FLOWETRY Truth Poetry

ALL IS LAW ? seek to Know the secret principals that Govern this plane & Rule over all forms... The KEYS to Power are obscured in the Mystery ~ ... Obtain the Truths / Gain the Eye to See, then...

The Heart of a Lion #MOTIVATION – Conscious Notebook

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

— Voltaire

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