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Emerald Tablets of Thoth Explained (TABLET #8- the Key of Mystery ) THE KEY OF MYSTERY - Emerald Tablets of Thoth Explained ( Sacred Texts Unveiled ) This is the Emerald Tablets of thoth  FULL TEXT + AUDIO & Esoteric Breakndown. Emerald Tablets PDF         |        SACRED TEXTS ARCHIVE - ULTIMATE...

How To Begin Your Spiritual Journey – Connecting Back To Your Higher Self

My spiritual journey, along with many others, truly began when I started asking myself “Who am I?”. I have always felt I am here to do something very important, but it comes with this profound sense something is missing. I used to pray for guidance, expecting the answers to come from outside until the day I realized the answers where inside.
I know better than most how easy it is to get lost, and often times it is because I get caught up in daily struggles while losing sight of my true identity and purpose. So let’s get back to basics.

OCCULT ANATOMY of MAN / ESOTERIC Subtle Energy Body ?ADEPT blueprint* (ANCIENT MYSTERY School Teachings) Advanced Gnosis of The occult Anatomy of man & Etheric Subtle Body #1 The Great Arcanum of Esoteric Knowledge - HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of Self. MYSTERY school teachings of Ancient Egypt Subscribe for further uploads! Occult Anatomy of man...

The Green Aura & The Blood Of Jesus on Golgotha ( Rudolf Steiner – Ancient Egyptian Mysteries 11)

The Green Aura & The Blood Of Jesus on Golgotha Audiobook. FREE LECTURE PDF + MP3 Podcast Download – ( Rudolf Steiner lecture on the esoteric knowledge of Initiation and the Inner Christ Impulse.. Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Audio 11)

ALL IS LAW – Gnosis of All #FLOWETRY Truth Poetry

ALL IS LAW ? seek to Know the secret principals that Govern this plane & Rule over all forms... The KEYS to Power are obscured in the Mystery ~ ... Obtain the Truths / Gain the Eye to See, then...

REAL TELEKINESIS DEMONSTRATION – 100% Proof of Psychic Powers and Psychokinesis

REAL TELEKINESIS and PSYCHOKINESIS. 100% Proof of Psychic Powers and Psychokinesis Open your mind people!! For all the psychic warriors out there, I have full tutorials and some Pyrokinesis on the way! Also, Help us end this mind numbing debate on psychic powers. Of...

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.”

— Bruce Lee


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