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Sound and Frequency | Raising Your Vibration for Ascension

Frequency truely is the key to the universe. Everything, and I mean everything is energy. From the atom down to the smallest subatomic particle, all things are constantly vibrating

“The Code” by Carl Munck – Ultimate Resource! – Sacred Mathematics, Ancient Knowledge and Symbolism

The lost ancient knowledge of advanced mathematics, expanding consciousness and sacred geometry. The ancient megaliths are a CODE left for modern peoples. Discover the biggest conspiracy that will one day re-write history books!

Subtle Energy Body Anatomy – The Nadis and Prana Channels

Esoteric Anatomy - Nadis, the Channels of Life force Energy By Bhavika - Source Some Very Vital and Power Knowledge about the Subtle Energy body and esoteric anatomy. Te pathway of Inner alchemy and Activation. Check out my recent Videos...

Your Spiritual Purpose Determines Your Physical Appearance Your Spiritual Purpose Determines Your Physical Appearance [userpro template=card user=author] [userpro template=postsbyuser user=author...

Yogic Breathing – Sacred Science of Breath & Subtle Breathwork

4 types of breath High breath (collar bone)Mid BreathLow BreathComplete Breath The Yogi COMPLETE BREATH "Whole Body Breathing" (1) The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the...

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

— Carl Jung

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