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Welcome to the home for the awakened! We are building a full social network for the Conscious Community — equipped with: An Elite Team of Conscious Creators, Ultimate Resource Directories, Our own video platform (eventually), and AMAZING learning/research boards on all essential topics (never before seen!) .



The Mission is to Unite the Conscious Community, and Support Conscious/Spiritual Content Creators (Providing marketing, personal website/blog, store access, and membership area to All Contributors — FREE!)  No longer will brave creators be left to their own means, alone, and struggling to get by… Let’s get the tribe together, organize the knowledge base, share resources, and ELEVATE each other. 🙂

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I’ve paid for the essentials out of pocket, but building the dream: Completely Awesome social network, research center, and video platform—Solely built around the Truth—I NEED YOUR HELP!

Any Donation will help, and I so very much appreciate it!






If you are a YouTuber SPEAKING THE TRUTH, please contact me!—Dmitrius—and possibly join the team! Reality Files is about supporting the Truth Community, especially the contributors. I have skills in web design, digital marketing, SEO, and product development. For ALL contributors I will personally optimize your videos, provide FREE digital marketing, give you topic/title suggestions (Hugely increase your searches), incredible monetization + affiliate programs, and best of all: You get a customized profile page/mini-blog where all your content is automatically uploaded and organized, you benefit from the many truth seekers visiting Reality Files, and you can Sell your services in our Contributor’s shop!! Yes, Really. Your own custom webpage + blog + store, expert marketing, and direct sharing to our truth community!

I know how difficult it is to make it by yourself, I tried for years, but it’s time we get together because we are SO much more powerful working together. I have learned from many Truth Seekers who put their soul out there speaking a pure message, but have no support to handle the many Hells of running an online business. We’re here for you! Send me a message below.


FOR anyone not able to contribute the Fiat Currency, or just seeking to help us out beyond the dollar, There is MUCH TO DO! I need help organizing the truth and the best resources out there! Potential moderators can help by collaborating in shared YouTube playlist, organizing Pinterest boards, sharing your favorite online resources or research sites…. the list goes on! Trust me, we are not fucking around with Reality Files, and this will be a resource unlike any other! 🙂  (I have already archived thousands of sites and videos, and we will organize them so the Awakened can learn at Hyperspeed.) Send me a message if you want to help!

Sending my gratitude and Highest vibrations to anyone who can help us out!! Don’t hesitate to contact me. -Dmitrius  


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