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Welcome to Reality Files—a growing community with a dedicated focus on sharing the truth and learning the secrets of the universe. The truth is power, and it’s time humanity takes that power back. Join us on a journey of self discovery, unlocking the mind, and connecting with our divinity. The Mission: Decode the matrix and wake up the world to the lie we live! Our entire solar system is rapidly changing, and once you attune to this truth, your world quickly begins falling apart. When I realized something was off about the world, I was left scouring the web searching for any reminents of truth. I dug myself into a hole of chaos, fear, and pure uncertainty as this matrix is loaded with distractions and deceptions. After years of searching, I wanted to build a place where I could share my newfound understanding and ongoing research—so Reality Files was born. I hope to build this site into the foundation for your expansion of consciousness. The ultimate resource for discovering new ideas, discussing reality, and portal to find other truth seekers. Don’t strike out alone! I made that mistake, and I quickly found the path to truth and Ascension is always a bumpy one.

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Dmitri Heru

Hello! I’m Dmitri

Artist – Alchemist – Lightworker – Psychic Warrior – and Eternal Truth Seeker.

I peel the onion of truth, layer by layer in all aspects of life, and my mission is to piece together a true understanding of reality, history, and my existence no matter the cost. The deeper you dive, the more distorted and entangled the lies become, and that’s why a truth community is essential to keep you on track. Reality Files is about finding the full truth and not getting lost in the infinite diceptions and distractions always there to lead you off course. We will forge for all truths of the external world as we search for the yet deeper truths of our internal world. Remember! This is the stuff the elite don’t want you to know. The knowledge that religion, kings, nations, and secret societies have hoarded, altered and distorted for years.

The truth is power, and it’s time we take that power back. It’s time we free our mind from its prison, awaken to our power within, and wake up the world to what has been stolen. The truth can set you free, but only if you understand it externally, innerstand it, and then put the pieces together. This is the path to awakening and discovery of the sovereign individual and divine being you were meant to be. But be warned! The truth can be very dangerous to those who are not ready to hear it. For those who are with me, prepare for your world to be shattered repeatedly, so many times you stop creating any cohesive reality and start to perceive each situation as it comes by. To readily embark on this journey you must leave behind everything you know and everything  you think you are (it will happen soon enough, but now is the best time to start). All newcommers, strap in tight, and veterans welcome to the next leg of your journey as we kiss the bliss of ignorance goodbye and dive into the matrix.

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Kristian Bell


Ty Wilson

From a small town in Wisconsin to New York City with a vision.ADSasdASDasdASDads

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