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7 Week BreathWork & Energy Work Intensive (Crash Course)

The Breath is the Foundation. The Breath is Life. The Breath is the Door to Healing, Regeneration, Presence, Magic & Mystical Experience. The Breath is the Key (Chi) to all. Through conscious breathing & developing subtle breath control we approach the realms of the supernatural and unlock innate powers of the being.

The Purpose of breathwork is to begin to fully inhabit the body and enter true presence with this moment… To liberate consciousness from the body, charge up your life force and enter heightened states of being. From there, so much is possible. This is “the place of creation” – where we charge up our magic & protection, Regenerate the body, commune with spirit and direct our will. 

This Program is Designed as an Intensive training in Breathwork & activating the subtle breath (Energy Work). We will focus on a variety of breathing practices and their application to daily life, psychology, state control, spiritual work, magick & manifestation. You will walk away with Powerful tools that will change the way you live & how you relate to your power. This program holds the Primary Key to your sovereignty and transformative power.

I created this program because I found myself training most all my clients in breathwork to start any new module or implementation. After spending much time elaborating on the essential breath practices for Vision & Magick work, psychology / state control, and the entire foundation of my Manifestation and Sovereignty program – I decided I needed a flagship to communicate this vital knowledge.

Hi!  I’m Kristian // Conscious Entrepreneur & Personal Coach

 // Alchemist, Sacred Warrior & Student of Life ~ Im deeply connected to Nature, Art, Mystery & Adventure // Philosophy, Truth & TRIBE.

I offer unique Personal coaching for Sacred Warriors, Conscious Entrepreneurs, and Spiritual Seekers. The Alchemist’s approach to transformation – Self Knowledge and Wholistic understanding lays the foundation for true personal development, earthly success, and spiritual growth.

I love Teaching & Motivating. My Purpose is to Elevate & Inspire others towards Spiritual and Personal Growth / Higher Wisdom / Alignment with one’s True Nature & Highest Calling – I seek to spread the Knowledge of Self and Aid others IN THE ALCHEMY OF POWER, PURPOSE & PROSPERITY


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