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Hi! I’m Dmitri.

My mission is to wake up the world, and shine light into the darkness. If you’re questioning your existance, or seeking REAL answers, Please, don’t hesitate to contact me!  

I built Reality Files for the truth community and awakening world. The truth is power, and it’s time we take that power back. It’s time we free our mind from its prison, awaken to our power within, and awaken the world to the lie we’ve lived. We are SO MUCH MORE than what we’ve been told. The truth can set you free, but only if you understand it externally, internally, and align with truth physically. This is the path to awakening, the Re-Birth of the sovereign individual and divine being you were always meant to be.                                                                                                

(Also, I’m looking for partners to help grow Reality Files, get in touch if you want to contribute!)

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