We will show you how to contact your spirit guide through spirit Guide meditation. Just like us, spirit guides have lived before on earth in human life and form. Spirit guides help us in certain areas of our lives, they can help us with many things apart from free will.

Spirit Guide Meditation – Getting Prepared To Meet Your Guide

What are Spirit Guides? Do we need to contact our Spirit Guides?

We all have a spirit guide often some people look upon them as Guardian angels, outside helpers. I will like to just add something here, please don’t get confused between guides and angels. They may work similar but they are not the same, as spirit guides have lived in other lives and angels have never lived on the earth plane. Angels are on much higher energy vibrations than spirit and our spirit guides. If it is your guardian angel you want to contact look here on how to contact your guardian angel otherwise carry on reading on about spirit guides.

They are with us from birth at times we have different guides depending on what is going off in our lives. We have a master guide as well as other spirit guides. What would we use a guide for do we need to contact a spirit guide. This is optional many people who go down the route of psychic development like to meet their spirit guides.

This is simply because not just for our own needs but spirit guides help us. For example, Mediumship where we are a tool to connect to the spirit world our spirit guides help bring the spirits forward sometimes pass the messages to us.

They can also intervene when we truly need them. They work in many ways from sending us signs they can give us gut feelings, Insights to our own lives. They can help us in so many ways even by sending someone into our lives just at the right time when we need them.

So how can we connect to them, how can we meet them and are we ready to contact them? Also, check out Opening 7 Major Chakras as this will also help you connect more with spirit guides. But also, even tho spirit guides are full of positive energy still use Psychic protection as we are working with higher vibrational energies.

Spirit Guide Meditation – Contacting Your Guide

Before we carry on you may be thinking “Why do I have to go into a deeply relaxed state to meet my guide”. Well, spirit guides work on an entirely different energy and vibration level so to reach them we got to be as they say “On the same wavelength”.

Start by going into meditation and entering theta state which is a deep meditated state. If you want an in-depth meditation to see our Psychic Development meditation here. We will begin with a quick meditation to get you relaxed and into an altered state.

Close your eyes and start by taking a deep breath through your nose and hold for few moments and exhale out the mouth. Keep doing this repeatedly through the nose out the mouth taking note and focusing on your breathing.

Try to do this breathing exercise throughout this meditation even when visualising. Each time tell your self you are very calm and relaxed and at peace. Now visualise yourself walking into some woods/forest, you can hear birds chirping. You feel the sun radiating down on you, it feels tho it is a warm summers day.

Keep focusing on Your Breathing

You carry on walking through this forest through the many trees, in the distance you see a cottage. Walk on other to this cottage still taking deep breaths allowing to going deeper and deeper into a meditative state of consciousness. Let’s carry on with this spirit guide meditation by visualising your self-getting closer and closer to the cottage.

Once you are outside the cottage, see your self-pressing on a doorbell as you do so here it ring. The door slowly opens on its own you then walk into the cottage. You notice an old fireplace and also a few doors with names on.

You walk other to the first door the label says Spirit Guide on the door. Visualise this as vivid and real as you possibly can see it. The more real you see this in your mind the better the outcome you will have in communicating with your spirit guide.

Visualise knocking on this door labelled Spirit Guide, the door opens slowly. Walk in and say thank you not out loud but in your mind. See if you get a reply if you do, then note this after this spirit guide meditation.

When you say anything do you get a response, do you see anyone in the room with you? If you didn’t hear a reply or see anyone do, not worry some take a few tries at this spirit guide meditation to see success.

Further Contact with Your Spirit Guide

Still, with your eye’s closed and breathing deep and exhaling, ask out if your guide is there. Use these below to ask questions about your guide. Also, ask simple are you there questions you be amazed at the response.

Are you their spirit guide? – You can also ask your guide if they are there by asking them to touch you. Often people will say they felt tickle or tingle feeling this is your guide.

Are you male? Are You female? – You may hear a yes on either of these what you ask. If you do not then don’t worry it takes time. Some get it straight away some have to do more work on this spirit guide meditation. If you do not hear anything ask if you are male touch my right shoulder. If you are female touch my left shoulder, but try to be respectful to them always.

Is there anything you want me to know? Again listen very carefully see if you can hear them. If not ask other questions. I may also add they may also show you images and you have to decipher them if you get what I mean.

Like for example, a guide could show you images of a wall. This could mean stop trying so hard at something in your life as you have reached a dead end. So you get what I mean now. Go with your gut always and trust what you get is from higher realms of your spirit guide.

Spend a good while practising different questions and methods from touch to images and hearing. Once you are ready always say thank you to your guides as it is respectful for taking the time to contact you.

When you are ready then leave the room, take a deep breath and leave the cottage to make your way back. Walk through the woods and slowly count down from 10 to 0. Each number you countdown on 10, feeling calm and relaxed 9, 8 feeling at peace. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 feeling more alert and aware 2, 1, 0 now slowly open your eyes.

Make Notes

Great Idea every time you do these meditations make notes in a journal. Whether it is your guide if you got a name, male or female and so on writing this down. Call this journal the psychic development so you can always make notes.

It is great to make notes and essential so you do not forget. Try to keep this journal handy by you while meditation is in progress so after you can make notes. Make notes quick while they’re fresh in your mind.

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