How To Begin Your Spiritual Journey

Finding Truth and Re-Connecting To Your Higher Self

We are all in the process of Purging ourselves of the many lies we have accepted as fact. From day one we have wanted nothing but approval. As a child wanted to make our parents happy happy and avoid punishment. Our teachers, pastors, and laws told us what aspects of our nature were deemed “good” and desirable, and what actions would lead us to the ‘naughty list’ for Christmas and hell in the afterlife. This constant judgement fractured our minds and identity. We tried to cut out our undesirable traits or hide them. Come freshman year of high school we wanted nothing more than to be accepted and liked by all our peers. Yet again we began transforming ourselves into what others wanted us to be. As a result of all this social programming we built an identity entirely based upon what think, and an arbitrary list of what is “good” and “bad“.

Let’s watch Ralph Smart has to say about searching for truth and beginning your spiritual journey.


My spiritual journey, along with many others, truly began when I started asking myself “Who am I?”. I have always felt I am here to do something very important, but it comes with this profound sense something is missing. I used to pray for guidance, expecting the answers to come from outside until the day I realized the answers where inside. Ask “Who am I?” and you might just get an answer, but probably not the one you expected. For me, I was suddenly shown the many things I am not nor will ever be. My goals and accomplishments were manifested from a false identity, a persona not in alignment with my true mission; therefore, a persona that would never lead to my fulfillment and happiness. It was that day I realized most aspects of this persona I created were not true to myself, and I have since realized we are so much more than our creations, accomplishments, failures, names, or anything one could imagine at this low density. We are aspects of the divine and it is our mission to learn how to shine more brightly and love more openly.

This message is not only for people beginning to discover they are so much more than what they’ve been told, but for all beings on the spiritual quest. I know better than most how easy it is to get lost, and often times it is because I get caught up in daily struggles while losing sight of my true identity and purpose. So let’s get back to basics. Remember we are here to learn about love, and what we are not, so we can more fully embrace ourselves. We are in the process of purging our identity and reality as we reconnect to our higher self in alignment with truth. So whether you have wandered from the path or are just now finding it, here are 4 videos to help ground yourself in your true mission.

“Know Thyself” a spiritual quest, an alchemical principal, and title of Vesuvius‘s video:

To build a new identity grounded in truth, you first need your true name, or your Ascension Name as Naazir Ra calls it.

Here are five healpful books for all of us on this journey. Video by another great spiritual teacher Victor Oddo.


Thanks for reading. Please share this with anyone in need of this message.


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