Real Telekinesis and Psychokinesis | Psychic Training (Part 2) 

100% Real TELEKINESIS/PSYCHOKINESIS Demonstration and Proof — Spinning 3 Psi Wheels! (PART 2)

I’m still working on directional control, which is harder than it would seem, (your subconscious becomes connected to the rotation you have focused on) but there’s a decent example at the end. And for all you debunkers out there whining about the candle, I put it there to – A) prove I’m not blowing out air and B) help me activate chi and flow energy. The small amount of heat does not affect anything and flows straight up.

Thanks for supporting and keep the energy flowing!! Drop any questions in the comments and I’ll answer or address them in a future tutorial.


Helping you tap into the infinite energy around us, and Awaken the power within:)
My complete practice, tutorial, and full psychic powers showcase is on the way!

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