“A spiritual warrior is someone who goes through life aggressively and purposefully, whether climbing mountains or wallowing through swamps. They take the natural ups and downs in stride, and sees painful circumstances as challenges work through, not as bad luck to lament.”

“Only as a [spiritual] warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. Their life is an endless challenge and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges. The basic difference between an ordinary person and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary person takes everything as a blessing or a curse.”

– Don Juan

Spiritual Warrior Philosophy & Video Resources

The Warrior philosophy and ethos is so needed in this time, and the journey / experience is ever unfolding. Here is Inspiration, the knowledge and my Rawest philosophy for the Warriors out there!



FEAR IS THE WAY – UnKnown truth. https://youtu.be/U_CEmUNbf4E

SACRED WARRIORSHIP. 2020 Rising – https://youtu.be/MxqdbCk4XpU


THE WARRIOR ARCHETYPE https://youtu.be/nkauEK-_62I

The Warrior Archetype   

The Warrior is a Powerhouse of Energy and Motion

He is MASTER of his mind and Body.

“The Warrior has an Unconquerable Spirit. He has Courage. He is FEARLESS. “

The Warrior Lives in a Hightened World, Fullness of Life because he has a Living Awareness of his own imminent Death.

the Warrior archetype harnesses his aggression as the force that pushes him to compete to be the best and moves him ever forward towards his goals.

…. Archetype Overview…. 


Effort. Energy. Initiative. Force. Aggression is a neutral tool that can be harnessed for either ill or good.

 – vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness

the Warrior archetype harnesses his aggression as the force that pushes him to compete to be the best and moves him ever forward towards his goals.


Of course that proper use of aggression presupposes that a man has goals that he’s striving towards in the first place. A man has to have a clear and definite purpose in life, or he will feel lost and restless, like he is drifting along instead of marching ahead.


The mindfulness of the Warrior is two-fold. First, he is always alert and awake, ever vigilant. He has keen situational awareness. He never lets complacency lull him to sleep; instead, he is always watching, observing, studying, and planning. Secondly, the Warrior is mindful of the finiteness of life and the inevitably of death, and he purposefully contemplates that death . 


The key to successful guerrilla warfare is the fighter’s ability to travel light. While the traditional force has power in its superior resources, those resources also weigh and slow them down. The guerrilla fighter strips away all superfluities and excess baggage; he carries only what he needs and is thus quick and nimble, able to be two steps ahead of the enemy.


In times of peace or crisis, whether for big things or small, the Warrior is able to boldly make decisions. He doesn’t stand there shilly-shally, wondering what he should do, scared of choosing the wrong option. He is calm and cool under pressure. Once he makes a decision, he unhesitatingly moves on it because he does not live in regret. The Warrior is able to be so decisive because he trains so thoroughly for these moments; he is prepared.

 “The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where are they.”  

From Plutarch, Sayings of the Spartans

Character and Virtue

For the ancient Spartans, character, honor, and virtue, were paramount. They didn’t trust philosophers or intellectuals, believing that wisdom should be displayed through your actions, and the way you live your life.


Spartans do not ask “How many are the enemy?” but “Where are they?” When someone asked how one could remain free throughout their life, he said, “By being unafraid of death.”


When King Anaxandridas was asked why Spartans marched toward danger so boldly he said it was because they trained their youths to care about life but not, like others, to be afraid of dying. Courage, particularly in the face of death, was the foundation stone of Spartan culture.


– The Gates of Fire – Stephen Pressfield

– Musashi

– Carlos Casteneda Books

Hope you enjoyed this resource page on spiritual Warriorship! 🙏Comment below your Other resources and inspiration!

– Here’s a final poetic wisdom musing to leave you with

Fear Marks the Way

“Stop looking to what you think you want or seeking the blessing – and look to the Lesson your not learning. The lesson precedes the blessing. Bringing forth light from darkness is the way, not chasing the glow of light grasping for life. FEAR & Resistance mark the way. 

     Ask not “What do I want” “What more must I do?”… But ask “What is my biggest fear? What do I fear about my dream or success? What’s my fear about the process or next step? What’s my fear of living into my best lifestyle?” // “from what am I trying to escape? What resistance am I avoiding? What fear have I taken flight from & what honest truth am I averting my eyes from? How am I lying to myself now? What FEAR has my courage been thus far insufficient to surmount? …. 

     The Alchemist knows the FUEL is in the darkness. He feeds on the darkness, transmuting it into light. The Darkness is where the light waits to pour in. Seeking light is fruitless, grasping for the glow or memory of an experience only dims one’s light. Trying to shine dims your own light. Don’t AIM for the light of Success or wealth or life… AIM for the masterful process of Transmutation and all light shall be realized by consequence.”

– by Kristian Bell

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