Frequency truely is the key to the universe.  At its core, everything is energy and everything is connected. From the atom down to the smallest subatomic particle, all things are constantly vibrating and moving through empty space, hence, all things have a resonate frequency. This is very important to fully understand and innerstand because vibrational awareness is essential to spiriitual connection, self mastery, ascension, and psychic abilities. Your frequency is tied to your level of consciousness, Perception and expansiveness. Also, thoughts, motivation, feelings and inner state are the RESULT of your vibrational frequency.

The Power of Sound.


It is a most important fact that every single thought, every single state of Mind and every single emotion is each ccharacterizedby its own unique Vibration. In the physical world of matter these Vibrations and “thought forms” are not readily apparent to the physical senses, however, in the infinitely finer degrees of the Astral worlds and beyond, thoughts and thought forms can actually be seen to be instantly created and projected, and persist in accordance with the level of Energy with which they were originally projected. Those who understand these laws of Vibration and mentalism can exercise a high degree of control over their own individual thought processes, thus gaining a high level of control over their own states of Mind, moods and emotions.
In the same way, a person who is well practiced in these disciplines can also affect the Minds of others by applying the same laws – very often people do this without even realizing it.

For a long time I felt stuck in life. Always busy, stressed, and exhausted, feeling like I was pushing a boulder up a mountain that never ended. And then I built my life around maintaining a high vibration and experiencing the many flavors of frequency. It was like abandoning the boulder for a river of good vibes and flow. If you haven’t already, jump on in and join me. The water’s real nice!

The higher the Vibration of our Being, the easier it is to manifest and achieve anything and everything we can possibly desire, and the more glorious will be our experience during and after the change known as “death”.
So, plain and simple – Sound and Vibration are extremely important for Health, Abundance, Happiness, Well-Being and Spiritual Evolution at every level, including what happens and even where you will find yourself after “death”.
The Yogi’s, Swami’s, Tibetan Monks and other Adepts are living proof of these great truths. They dedicate their life to raising their own Vibration, expanding their consciousness and realizing “God” Within and therefore Enlightenment. As a result, many of them they express powers and abilities beyond the comprehension of most people in the mundane world.

Well what do you know, frequency just may be the key to the universe. It is responsible for your state of being, level of consciousness, and life outcome. Externally, it hold the power to manipulate matter and gravity (*Cough* Egyptian Pyramids **Cough Cough**), connects all things, and is at the root of existence itself. 

Sound is Vibration – a fundamental characteristic of Energy and by far the most important creative Principle in the Universe for all spheres of life and reality. 

  • From the bible:     “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. – John 1:1
  • From Hindu belief:     “Om is called the sound of one hand clapping. Om is the eternal sound; Om is the sound which is there in the universe all the time.”
  • From Ancient Egypt/Kemet:     “the world began when the singing sun sang light into existence.”

 Why do you think creation stories always involve a word or song?


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