Ascension KEYS ?#2 – STUDY YOURSELF – [Master Blueprints to Unlock Higher Consciousness ?? ]

[Ascension Kays #2 ?] MASTER BLUEPRINTS to Unlock Higher Consciousness ??
(FIRST WATCH: Massive 5D Download @ )

Breaking Down the Master Blueprint for Self Activation:
[ Ascension Key #1 ] =
[ Ascension Key #2 ] =
[ Ascension Key #3 ] =


I’m building the home for the truth! A full social network for the awakening, with Ultimate Resource Directories , Our own video platform, and AMAZING learning boards on essential topics. Zen & I are gathering the most serious Truth Seekers out there to be contributors and leaders. IT WILL BE LIT! We will be the home of the Awakened, and carry the torch of Truth!
I have paid for the essentials out of pocket, but building the dream: Completely Awesome social network, research center, and video platformโ€”Solely built around the TRUTHโ€”
I NEED YOUR HELP! (There are many ways to help)

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Once again, taking it TO THE NEXT LEVEL. We are building a home for the awakened and all the warriors in consciousness out there! PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE!

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Helping you tap into the infinite energy around us, and Awaken the power within:) Thanks for the love and keep the energy flowing!! Drop any questions below. I do skype calls/google hangouts if you have questions! Please get in touch.

Non ducor, duco…….I am not led, I lead.
Veritas Lux Mea…… TRUTH IS MY LIGHT
Via veritas et vita…..The way, the truth, and the life.

Sapere Aude………….DARE TO KNOW

– Dmitrius (
(Truth seeker, Alchemist, Artist, Psychic Warrior, Lightworker, Cycle Breaker, Master Of Perception, Master Architect, and Magician)

Reality Files; Home of the seekers, the gnostic Warriors, the Lightbearers.

Expanding Consciousness, Expanding Your Perception, Esoteric Knowledge, Gnosis, Mentalism & Mind Power, Imagination, Intuition, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, ESP, Energy Work, Energy Healing, psychic abilities, DNA Activation, Magick, Subconscious Mind, Mind Hacking, Manifestation, Mastery, Raising Your Vibration, Chi, Spirituality and Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, How to Ascend, Ascension, Christ Consciousness, Immortality, Bible Secrets, Kybalion, Emerald Tablets, Tesla, Frequency, Vibration, Ancient Secrets, Alchemy, Hermetic Studies, Maxims, Transmutation, Transcendence, Syncretism, Sun Gazing, Raw Foods, Purification, Natural Universe, Alternative Health, Sacred Geometry, Etymology, Numerology, Gematria, Esoteric Scripture, Astrology, Flat Earth, War on consciousness, Indigo warriors, lightworkers, and Most of all – THE TRUTH.

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