ALL IS LAW ? seek to Know the secret principals that Govern this plane & Rule over all forms… The KEYS to Power are obscured in the Mystery ~

… Obtain the Truths / Gain the Eye to See, then Seek to Know the Way to go–and Walk upright with Eyes Alight you learn to Discern & Speak what’s Right ~ w/ Words that BURN w FLAME, a sword that Sings the Chords of Light n Turns away the Night.

Now… AWAKE TO Day, And God’s Delight. receive God’s Praise ~ the Book of Life – CLAIM your Name of Light n Might. – Discern what’s wrong from Right. THEN MAKE YOUR STAND ALONE, Beyond what man has ever known OR can be shown. Understand the Plans that be, Beyond what Man can see or ever Hope to be. UNDERSTAND the Lands beyond the scope that mortal eyes perceive. Along the lines we can’t define, Break the binds of Space n Time and Escape the confines of mortal minds – And Now Arise and Fly on by / climb up to your Divinity.

Never stop seeking
Until all that Remains is Truth n Love with God above. The Supreme Knowledge of Self = THE KEY to Gnosis of All ?☯️
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ALL THINGS ARE REFLECTIONS of ANOTHER. The Macrocosm is Reflected in the Microcosm & Vice versa. As above, so below… As below, so above.. ~ By apprehending how the Micro (body) came to be, you then Hold the Key to Understanding the Macro. Ever seek to Understand the Nature of Yourself – – to gain invaluable insight into God & Grow ever closer to those things divine.

THE TRUTH is IN THE REFLECTIONS… Triangulate that shit! ??


So, To Know God – Seek to Know thyself.. But why??

“The knowledge of God is what saves you.” -Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus hermeticism gnostic Teachings

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