A message on overcoming judgement, and leaving your baggage behind.

Inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers, Victor Oddo.

Preach it! I really vibe with Victor’s major point here—don’t focus on breaking bad habits or even “fixing” yourself for that matter. This type of mindset implies you are not enough as you are, and you need to change. The moment you make this association you create a division in yourself.  A little while ago I realized that if I purely focused on connecting with self, and raising my vibration, negative things fall out of my life at a very natural rate. Whatever we focus on grows, and trying to slice out undesirable parts of ourselves is a surefire way to imprison yourself in cycle of stress, failure, and helplessness.


The key is to hold onto nothing. You came into this world with nothing, no extra baggage or self imposed limitations; consequently, your were exploding with energy as a child. It is judgement in totality that leads your self imprisonment because from our miniscule perspective we have an inability to judge anything accurately in this world of flux. Every construct we have of good or bad, right and wrong, ultimately create resistance to following our path. A big part of the spiritual community needs to get off their high horse defining “good” or “bad” things in any situation. Judgments only splinter the mind and self. In my view, all things in life, especially our weaknesses, exist to teach lessons or alter our perception in a way completely unique to the individual. A while back, I had tons  resistance to many aspects of who I was, and those judgements blocked me from the freedom and flow I was searching for. So from my experience you hit the nail on the head. Just flow with your inclinations, and travel your own path.


Thanks for reading! You have my highest vibes and gratitude. Let me know your thoughts on growth vs judgement in the comments.


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