Feelings…nothing more than feelings? Don’t underestimate the power of emotions this week. On Thursday, January 12, the full wolf moon in Cancer arrives, bringing forth our sensitive, sentimental selves.

The is represented by divine feminine energy and is naturally ruled by the moon, so the Cancer full moon is a super-charged event that will shine the spotlight on our intuition. The full moon in January is also known by some Native American tribes as the “Full Wolf Moon,” since it falls during the darkest part of winter when wolves could be heard howling with hunger outside of their villages. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the full moon in January is also more traditionally known as the “Old Moon.”

Domestic affairs and homeland security might very well be the issues that top this week’s agenda.

This annual matriarchal lunation would normally be a family-friendly affair…alas, things aren’t quite so cozy this ‘go round. (Fortunately, the rest of 2017’s new and full moons will be a lot gentler, so stay tuned!) A trio of hotheaded planets—expansive Jupiter, power-monger Pluto and rebel-rouser Uranus—will marshal themselves into a Grand Cardinal Cross formation with la luna. Like a four-way tug of war in the skies, this rare cosmic alignment forces us to rebalance the load and make some inevitable shifts. Domestic affairs and homeland security might very well be the issues that top this week’s agenda. Cancer wants everyone to feel safe and secure…but building walls and locking ourselves away in our homes is no way to live! These maternal Cancer moonbeams could sound the call to come together and tune in to our hearts—remembering the Golden Rule: to treat our neighbors with TLC. The full wolf moon in Cancer could also help to heal some of the rifts that have divided people over the past few months. Since Cancer is the maternal nurturer of the zodiac, we are reminded that the wisdom of our hearts can be far more potent than any ego-driven games of proverbial chess. As women’s rights activists have long said, “The personal is the political.” Don’t underestimate the power of making changes in your home, family, workplace—or even your corner of the world. Caveat: The emotional floodgates are bound to open; for better or worse. If there are unspoken hurt feelings or lingering resentments, the full wolf moon in Cancer could bring an outpouring of grievances. However, with la luna forming a healing trine to ethereal Neptune, hopefully we will all be led to some resolutions and conscience-clearing talks that end in heartfelt hugs. Below are eight ways you can tap into the feminine power of the full wolf moon in Cancer. Check our our tips for creating new and full moon rituals here, too!

1. Honor thy mother.

Cancer rules the zodiac’s fourth house of motherhood and femininity.This week, get ready for a blast of feminine energy, and maybe even a few unexpected pregnancy announcements. The Cancer full moon puts us deeply in tune with our feelings. Today, pick up the phone or write a letter to your mom or a mother figure. Set out a photo of a special female ancestor and light a candle to channel her divine wisdom. Post a picture and tribute to a special woman in your life. If you’re a mother, do something to honor yourself. The Cancer full moon is the astrological Mother’s Day. Spend extra time with kids who look up to you, or connecting with the people you call family—whether the bond is based on biology or chemistry. Fun and amazing tidbit: On the eve of the full wolf moon, we had the opportunity to do an astrology reading for one of our personal feminist icons, Scorpio Naomi Wolf. We’ve been fans since back in our own college days, when her groundbreaking book The Beauty Myth opened vital dialogue about body image and the beauty industry’s impact on women. Now, she’s doing major work helping the world understand legislation, policy and how to become politically empowered—a more crucial skill than ever. (Her post, “Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps” has been making the rounds during this election and post-election season.) As one of the “mothers” of third wave feminism, Naomi is an incredible resource. We highly recommend following her Facebook page—at the Cancer full moon, it’s a great day to channel your intense feelings about world events into empowered action.

2. Practice compassion.

Open your heart to other people everywhere you go. Make compassion your engine. We once heard Dr. Christiane Northrup say that the electromagnetic field of the heart can expand up to eight feet outside of the body. The “power of love” is no joke!

3. Mind your moodswings.

On the flipside, research shows that bad moods are actually contagious! Psychologists have identified a three-step process called “emotional contagion” whereby a person’s mood is transferred to someone else. So dodge the Debbie Downers—and make sure you’re not being a Scrooge-come-lately yourself!

4. Nourish your mind, body and soul.

The Cancer full moon is the horoscope’s helicopter parent, hovering about and demanding to know, “Did you eat?” Our appetites are large at the full moon, so honor yours. Find a healthy comfort food recipe or treat yourself to a great cookbook and indulge! (Sweet potato brownies, anyone?) If you’re kitchen-averse, have a friend come over and teach you how to whip up a simple recipe. Or, barter for his/her gourmet skills—if you’re great at crunching numbers, trade tax planning tips for a delicious demo on braising or blanching veggies that keeps the flavor in.

5. Set up a savings account.

Cancer is ruled by the Crab, whose steely claws can hold tight to whatever they grip. Why not hang on to a little more of your money? Even if you’re just putting $20 a week in savings, that can add up over the years. The point is to start the habit now. The Cancer full moon spotlights financial security and a need to be prudent with our funds. It’s not only how much you make; it’s what you do with it. The Cancer full moon could inspire pleasurable lifestyle ideas that don’t break the bank. Gather with friends and pool your resources around Cancerian needs, like potluck meals, vacation home swaps (instead of paying for hotels) and co-op childcare.

6. Declutter your home.

Do a walkthrough of your home and consider every corner. We get accustomed to the piled-up second bedrooms, cluttered shelves and tchochke overloads. But numb though we may be to it all, the visual cues we take in cause our brains to fire off signals, especially when they trigger memories (which then trigger thoughts and feelings, which in turn trigger our brains to flood our bodies with chemicals). This domestic goddess of a full moon reminds us that cleaning our homes can clear our minds. Start with one area and give it an extreme makeover. Clear everything away then reset it with mindful care. Less is more, so be selective about the “collection” you display. Leaving some white space on those walls can give your brain a chance to breathe. On the flip side, if your energy is lagging but your home is bare, how about painting a wall a bright and cheery hue, adding life-giving plants, setting up a crystal on the mantle, or hanging art and a chandelier? Whatever makes YOU feel good and happy is great,  as long as you don’t overload your senses.

7. Clean up your diet.

Nutrition falls under the domain of the Cancer full moon, and this sign is definitely a foodie! But with the influence of radical Uranus and extreme Pluto, the focus shifts to eliminating toxic substances from your diet, not baking another Julia Childs-worthy spread that leaves you nibbling the dozens of leftovers into the New Year.  How can you enjoy delicious food responsibly, this full moon asks? First, you might want to tackle one of your holiday season vices, the one you know is treading into the addiction territory. Whether it’s a rich and sugary coffee drink (perhaps made with mucous-producing soy or dairy… erm), gluten-y breads, chips, sweets, or some other fix, this full moon wants you to try banishing it from your diet. The two weeks following a full moon are major manifesting time. What if you cut out this vice for fourteen days? You might even consider a cleanse right as the New Year begins. No, you might not live a lifetime without your coffee, cookies or sourdough rolls… but then again you might lose your taste for them when you start integrating healthier, more natural options into your palette. Give it the two-week test and see. This full moon has faith in you!

8. Role play.

We easily fall into patterns with the ones we love, becoming The Responsible One, The Wild One, The Chauffeur, The Couch Potato. And once those patterns are in place, they can be hard to break! But who wants to be pigeonholed in such a limiting way? Granted, there can be benefits to playing these parts… especially if it means our families have given up on trying to force us to do the dishes or clean up after ourselves. This full moon wants us to shake it up. For the over-givers out there, set some boundaries, even go on strike! The other people living under your roof or benefitting from your kindness need to step up. They probably won’t if you’ve spoiled them into submission. Lay down the mop and start making requests for support. For the slackers out there, stop letting others pull your weight. Being a slug in one area of life does not happen in a vacuum; it affects every area of your life. Energy is kinetic, after all: the more you put in, the more you gain. Rise up off that La-Z-Boy, put down the remote and get your whole life moving!   The full post Full Wolf Moon in Cancer: 8 Ways to Embrace the Divine Feminine appeared first on Astrostyle: Astrology and Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes by The AstroTwins.

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