How To Expand Your Perception at HYPERSPEED – Learn to Feel more, mastery your energy system and heal your chakras! How you think about pain is your KEY to freedom.

Struggling with energy blockages or stuck on the same problem? This video is for you! and all people practicing energy work, or expanding your awareness. Pain is the KEY people!! More specifically, how you think about pain and react to it. Allow yourself to feel pain, break your judgements about what you feel, and you can expand your perception at hyper speed! More videos soon on How to Feel beyond what you know, and How To Open Your Chakras The REAL WAY.

Once again, taking it TO THE NEXT LEVEL. We are building a home for the awakened and all the warriors in consciousness out there! Please like and share, and support Reality Files!

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Helping you tap into the infinite energy around us, and Awaken the power within:) Thanks for the love and keep the energy flowing!! Drop any questions below.

– Dmitrius
(Truth seeker, Alchemist, Artist, Psychic Warrior, Lightworker, Cycle Breaker, Master Of Perception, Master Architect, and Magician)

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