Subtle Energy Body Advanced Anatomy + Energy Healing [FULL LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION #1]


Overview of The Subtle Energy Body Anatomy + How To Energy Work and Energy Healing.

Were all Psychic! Learn to Feel Energy through imagination, awareness, meditation and opening the spiritual energy centers which we discuss here. Healing Meditation and Imagination.( ***TEMPORARILY PUBLIC*** NEW Beginner to Advanced Energy Work Videos will be EXCLUSIVELY on PATREON!   –  )

THE FULL REALIZATION OF THIS INFO = FULL Light Body Activation, Connection and Awareness of The All, COMPLETE ENERGETIC HEALING, Psychic abilities and Telekinesis, and Extreme Physical Strength and Energy.
Meditation, Kundalini, Spiritual Gnosis, Extrasensory Awareness, Imagination & manifestation, Inner Alchemy, Personal Development… We are taking it all TO THE NEXT LEVEL here at Reality FIles!! We will be Expanding Awareness, Understanding Self, Mastering Perception, and Ultimately Raising Our Consciousness to new heights! Hope you join us:) This is a Home for the Awakened, and all the Warriors in Consciousness out there!




HOW TO ENERGY WORK, Energy Healing and FULL Light Body Activation – (Ultimate youtube playlist on Extrasensory Perception)

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