How to do Psychic Energy Healing and Activate Light Body (Ultimate Guide – PART 1 )

ENERGY WORK BASICS — The absolute essentials: Meditation, Visualization, Activating Subtle Body, and Feeling Energy + Extrasensory Perception for Beginners!

This is for individuals taking the next step on their spiritual journey and looking to go deeper into meditation. Ultimately, this post is about raising your awareness of self and subtle energy body, beginner psychic development + reaching expanded levels of consciousness. Enjoy 🙂  (Check it on Steemit !)


Tutorial #1 – Energy Work Basics #1 – How To Breathe in Light and Establish Flow

How to Breathe in Light, Feel Subtle Energy, and Activate Energy Flow – Basics of ENERGY WORK & PSYCHIC ENERGY HEALING

  • Breathe in = Expansion (Breathing in & Condensing Light into heart space and body)
  • Breathe out = Contraction (Releasing all Tension and Pressure, ALLOWING all energy to FLOW out)

KEYS ——-

  • Use a vivid imagination! – Build up full sensory experience— Visualize that you are Breathing in the purest white light ( a loving, warm energy ) that is flowing, soothing, and healing all that touches.
  • Keep an open perception & Awareness — feel everything without judgement, and don’t focus on individual spots —

Basics of Energy Work (Part 2): As Within, So Without – Psychic Healing

How To Feel Subtle Energy and Mastering EXTRASENSORY PERCPETION! Heal your Chakras, Move Subtle Energy and Cleanse Your Aura.

A fundamental tool in energy work, expanding to your physical limits, and releasing the energy blocks you discover by FEELING the energy all around you. Using compression and expansion of energy body and aura to develop a sense for energy, Expand your perception, and learn how to release energy blocks!

Here is a visual to spark your understanding and guide your imagination!

——* DOWNLOAD Graphic *

Energy Work Basics (part 2.5): CONNECTING INTO NATURE to Heal the Energy Body & Cleanse Your Aura

Expanding perception & Awareness Beyond the physical body! Connecting to Nature, and Feeling Aura + Subtle Energy Outside of You. This technique is amazing for Releasing Energy Blockages, and Cleansing Aura!

PAIN IS THE KEY – Major Keys to Energy Work & Psychic Healing

Clearing & Cleansing Chakras + RELEASING BLOACKAGES—How you think about pain is your KEY to freedom. with energy blockages or stuck on the same problem? This video is for you! and all people practicing energy work, or expanding your awareness. Pain is the KEY people!! More specifically, how you think about pain and react to it. Allow yourself to feel pain, break your judgements about what you feel, and you can expand your perception at hyper speed! More videos soon on How to Feel beyond what you know, and How To Open Your Chakras The REAL WAY.



Once again, taking it TO THE NEXT LEVEL @ Reality Files. Hope this helped elevate your awareness and eased your journey to ascension 🙂

Please comment or message me if you need help or have a specific question!! I very much appreciate your feedback and will try to answer all inquiries!

Lastly, get in touch if you want to talk in person! I do skype calls and Google hangouts for anyone interested in energy work, psychic development, or a guide for your expansion process. (Please Contact me 🙂 )

We are the warriors of light! Never stop expanding.
Peace, love, and my highest vibes,

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The absolute best techniques (Beginner to Advanced) for Psychic Energy Work and FULL LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION.
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