MY 10 BEST MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – The Psychic Toolbox Specifically Designed for Developing Extrasensory Perception (Beginners to Intermediate). This audio series/video series combines the True Understanding of Perception and the Subtle Energy Fields with the Best visualization & mental techniques out there! Essential skills and guidance for: Psychic Energy Healing, Expanding Perception / Extrasensory Perception, Psychic Development, Merkaba Activation, and even DNA + FULL Light Body Activation.. but Most importantly, This series provides the GROUNDWORK for psychic perception + subtle energy that we will reference and build from throughout future lessons.




I have been putting together a system for extrasensory + Psychic development for months now, and finally I have finished the first of my Master Blueprints for activation. I have put in tons of hours developing this series and I’m sure you will appreciate the immense value within. All the meditation techniques are applicable and useful for the beginner to the adept. The goal was to provide a base foundation for extrasensory development, and illustrate a picture of that which is unseen (the subtle energy fields and true nature of the energetic being we are). From what I’ve seen, these Meditations + Techniques are in a league of there own… The descriptions, techniques, gnosis, and understanding of the full system is COMPLETELY UNMATCHED by any of the current literature or worse yet, the poorly interpreted subtle energetic/spiritual models of the ancients.

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If you found this Premium Meditation/Energy Work Series to be helpful, STAY TUNED.

a) Extrasensory Perception for Beginners + Psychokinesis Comprehensive Guide
b) Advanced Energy Work Techniques, High Level Activation + Psychic Development




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