Stasis Field Tutorial – HOW TO STOP MOTION with TELEKINESIS (Psychic Energy Manipulation)

Stasis Field: Step by Step Instruction on how to Stop Motion With Telekinesis

One of the most entertaining and easy to learn psychic abilities is popularly known as the stasis field – a name taken from the jedi ability. But don’t worry it’s actually quite real and very easy to learn – much easier than for example making objects move (the actual theory behind this is fairly complicated).

What is a stasis field?

Quite simply, a stasis field is an area where motion is more difficult than normal. This affects objects in the specific field by making them slow down or stop entirely. The particular construct affecting the area can be custom designed to only affect one object or the entire area – it’s completely up to you.


Here are a few of my personal videos performing a small stasis field on a pin wheel that has a fan blowing on it directly at a high speed. Note: I’m not special in any way, I just like practicing telekinesis.

Another one showing there is nothing on the wheel I’ve attached

Another one stopping a light switch from swinging in the presence of a big ceiling fan blowing down on it

Etc… there are plenty of other videos you can find on youtube.

So let’s get right down to it!

How To Place A Stasis Field

Just do it.

That’s all. No tricks, fluff or gimmicks – like any psychic ability, your success is determined by several factors.

  1. The strength of your concentration. Spiritual concentration is different from, for example, physical exertion. You should not feel like you are straining or pushing anything, it should be 100% clear, empty focus on the object of your attention with no distractions. Period.
  2. The amount of energy you have or are able to draw from your environment.

After setting up an object you want to practice with, first calm your mind. You can do this by meditation (which helps with your spiritual growth anyway) or simply counting to 10 while focusing on your breath. However you go about it, get rid of some of the mental chatter.

Then, rest your attention on the object. Don’t think about anything, just watch it. What does the air passing through it sound like? How does it feel on your skin? What does the object really look like as it’s moving? Gradually, after a period you’ll begin to feel what psions commonly refer to as the “connection”. You will FEEL like you are touching the object in some obscure way – directly. And you will know. There is nothing more to do, because your intention is already in your subconscious – just watch the object. Gradually it will begin to slow down – sometimes for a few brief moments, then it might speed up a lot, don’t pay attention to what it’s doing, just watch it. After some time, reaching the mental point where you are able to establish a connection with an object will become like a reflex and you can do it even without calming down your mind. I regularly stop all kinds of objects when walking around town to the shop hehe :D.

You’ll reach a point where you are able to stop it by will. After that, bring the fan closer, increase the difficulty and try again. Keep increasing the difficulty and keep going. Trust me when I say that there’s no known upper limit to how strong this ability can become.

The most important take away from this is:

  1. Sharpen your concentration. This is the most important part of not just telekinesis, but any psychic ability.
  2. Calm your mind.

Feel free to ask me to clarify anything :).


… by PaleoEnthusiastt

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