Breathwork Training & Sovereignty Class 2

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**FREE Breathwork Classes & Esoteric Breathing Basics **

Next Class is Sunday, January 3rd at 11:11AM MST.

These Webinars will be a deep dive into the Breath, Breathwork practices & Magic, and esoteric science of the breath. A very powerful Class giving you the tools for reprogramming reality & mastering yourself. I am offering the Class for FREE! Don’t miss out – this is a temporary event for 2020 and would love to have you. Sign up below🙏

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The Breath is the Foundation. Breath is Spirit. Breath is Life. 

The Breath is the Door to Healing, Regeneration, Presence, Power, Magic & Mystical Experience. The Breath is the Key (Chi) to all. Through conscious breathing & developing subtle breath control we approach the realms of the supernatural and unlock innate powers of the being.

The Breath is the Door – through the breath many wonders are revealed.

The breath is the door to opening the inner world & unlocking secrets within the being. Breathwork IS alchemy to a large extent – Breath is the billows for the hidden fire that burns within us and transmutes energies. By aligning with the Breath, we align with spirit. Breath is “Spiritus” – to breathe.

Conscious breathing will change your life – I know it changed mine. It starts here and Now… Commit yourself to the practice, commit to the breath – Build your foundation for self mastery, self-realization & inner magic.



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