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Spiritual Warriors | Sacred Warriorship Philosophy

"A spiritual warrior is someone who goes through life aggressively and purposefully, whether climbing mountains or wallowing through swamps. They take the natural ups and downs in stride, and sees painful circumstances as challenges work through, not as bad luck to...

Sacred Pilgrimages: How Traveling Expands Your Consciousness Sacred Pilgrimages: How Traveling Expands Your Consciousness [userpro template=card user=author] [userpro template=postsbyuser user=author...

Vlog: Room Setup + Epic Drawing Desk (Update)

Room Setup + Epic Drawing Desk (Update) Quick update on my room set-up, awesome drawing desk DIY, sacred geometry, alchemy and my daily affirmations. [userpro template=card user=author] [userpro template=postsbyuser user=author postsbyuser_mode=compact...

MIND BLOWING DOCUMENTARIES – The Ancient Knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Mathematics, and SECRETS OF SOUND

MIND BLOWING DOCUMENTARIES – Ancient SECRETS and TRUE HISTORY UNVEILED. Our “primal” ancestors appearently KNEW A TON about Consciousness, Frequency, Mathematics, and Sacred Geometry…. They even left us an #ANCIENT #CODE

HOW TO TRANSFORM & TRANSCEND 🌟 Why you Can’t Change? (Transformation & Knowledge of Self)

HOW TO TRANSFORM & TRANSCEND – Why you Can’t Change!? YOU CAN’T CHANGE UNTIL YOU KNOW YOURSELF #KnowThyself (Knowledge of Self & Integrating your mind and body.. TRUE TRANSFORMATION MASTER KEYS 1 – How to Transmute and Transcend your Bullshit

7 Hermetic Principles of Mental Alchemy & Manifestation

7 Hermetic Principles - Law of Rhythm and Polarity Applied // The Ancient Art of Mental Alchemy The mastery of Polarization is the mastery of the fundamental principles of Mental Transmutation or Mental Alchemy, for unless one acquires the art of changing his own...

“Above all be of single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it.”

— James Allen

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