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Vlog: Room Setup + Epic Drawing Desk (Update)

Room Setup + Epic Drawing Desk (Update) Quick update on my room set-up, awesome drawing desk DIY, sacred geometry, alchemy and my daily affirmations. [userpro template=card user=author] [userpro template=postsbyuser user=author postsbyuser_mode=compact...


"Pain is something to avoid at all cost, and it's completely normal to suppress any discomfort with drugs." - The Social Norm If we have a tingling sensation or numb pain, we distract ourselves. Even small things like an itch we are trained to instantly desensitize...

OCCULT ANATOMY of MAN / ESOTERIC Subtle Energy Body ?ADEPT blueprint* (ANCIENT MYSTERY School Teachings) Advanced Gnosis of The occult Anatomy of man & Etheric Subtle Body #1 The Great Arcanum of Esoteric Knowledge - HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of Self. MYSTERY school teachings of Ancient Egypt Subscribe for further uploads! Occult Anatomy of man...

ALL IS LAW – Gnosis of All #FLOWETRY Truth Poetry

ALL IS LAW ? seek to Know the secret principals that Govern this plane & Rule over all forms... The KEYS to Power are obscured in the Mystery ~ ... Obtain the Truths / Gain the Eye to See, then...

HOW TO INTEGRATE YOUR SHADOW – The Inner Alchemy ? (Carl Jung & Psychology of Transformation *Video Series) INTEGRATING YOUR SHADOW ? Compassionate Understanding - MASTER YOUR DARKNESS ( Psychology of Transformation - Carl Jung ) Why is it so hard to change!?! Mastering your inner darkness with Compassionate Understanding = Master...

“Above all be of single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it.”

— James Allen

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