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LAO TZU Quotes – The Profound Wisdom of Lao Tzu and the Dao ( Truth, Allowance, Formlessness, Power & Subtlety, Leadership and Life) 

I was looking for quotes and Ideas on Formlessness when I stumbled on a huge archive of Lao Tzu Quotes.. These profound snippets of wisdom grounded me back in Truth, and realigned my perspective on life. Here's some of My favorite and Best Lao Tzu Quotes I found- On...

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"Pain is something to avoid at all cost, and it's completely normal to suppress any discomfort with drugs." - The Social Norm If we have a tingling sensation or numb pain, we distract ourselves. Even small things like an itch we are trained to instantly desensitize...

FLOW STATE ALCHEMY – State Control & Psychology of Flow

STATE CONTROL & FLOW | PSYCHOLOGY + ALCHEMY OF CREATING YOUR REALITY FLOW STATE ALCHEMY | Psychology of Performance & How to Get out of Your Own Way UNF*CK YOUR VIBRATION. How to Break trance for...

Binaural Beats and Time Tubes Binaural Beats and Time Tubes SUBSCRIBE to Reality Files 🙂 | Watch on Youtube Author Page: Zen Atman BACK TO ALL CONTRIBUTOR VIDEOS ...

How To Raise Your Vibration With Music | Identify High Frequency Songs 432Hz

Listening to music that aligns with what you need to overcome, your purpose, or simply whatever makes you feel alive and animated is the major key to raising your vibration.

“He who says he can and he who says he cannot are both usually right”

— Confucius

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